Monday, February 13, 2012


Hector Infanzón, arguably Mexico’s best jazz pianist played to a sold out audience in Huatulco on Thursday night.
The city of his heart and the theme of his latest CD Citadino, the vibrant tumult that is Mexico City, beat and soared through the tropical night. Perched on an oceanfront stage, framed by palm trees and lit by a rising moon, Infanzón and his quartet delivered the passion of the city to the shores of Tangolunda Bay.
Midway through this season’s Amigos de la Musica Huatulco concert series, Infanzón dazzled an audience already heady with the season’s previous performances, ranging from Opera Obsession to Patá  Fuá's  eclectic instrumental fusion. 

Percussion was the buzz of the evening as young drummer Giovanni Figueroa lit up the audience with his intensity, and Luis Gomez on congas and cajon (box drum) framed Infanzón’s original but obviously latin influenced compositions. Percussion and piano shared the stage in a passionate conversation, backed by bassist Adrian Infanzón.
Next Amigos de la Musica Concert will be on February 25th, at the Camino Real Zaashila.
Concierto Baroco will feature Amigos de la Musica’s  Honorary Artistic Director Horacio Franco along with Asaf Kolerstein and Santiago Alvarez.
Tickets $ 150 general admission and students $ 100 available at : Photo Conejo, tel. 587-0054, Office of Residential Chahue, tel. 587-0502, REMAX, tel. 587-0136, Hotel Camino Real Zaashila, tel. 583-0300.

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