Monday, March 5, 2012

Huatulco Life and Style: Jim Spicka "Huatulco Being"

Last Friday evening, artist Jim Spicka  mounted an exhibition of his recent work. The theme for the exhibition is  "Huatulco Being" and one senses a transformation in Jim's relationship with his surroundings and perhaps with himself. Some of the pieces represent his tropical lifestyle and surroundings ,taking obvious inspiration from places and elements we here call home - quite literally, Hagia Sofia, the Gales of Tehuantepec and Pluma Hidalgo. The Blanca series although named after 3 of Huatulco's populated bays, Chahue, Conejos and Arrocito, are almost austere, clean and simple, unlike the busy beaches of their namesakes. But it is with Going Bamboo, and Secret Garden, that the artist seems to be most at home, and is comfortable letting the viewer create his or her own context. 

 Ministry of Culture representatives Hugo Ancantara Avelino and Dario Pacheco Venegas, artist Jim Spicka and El Sueno Zapoteco founder Britt Jarnyrd.

Officially opened! Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Guests enjoying the ambiance, art, and refreshments.
Jim's medium is tissue paper and acrylic on glass, the multiple layered shapes and materials create depth against vivid backgrounds. Framed, the pieces take on a weight and gravity that suits traditional spaces. Unframed, resting on wooden pegs on the wall, they float across the landscape with a breezy lightness. 

Foundation co-founders  Raymundo Ruiz and Britt Jarnryd with Silvana Araiza, El Sueno Zapoteco workshop director and head designer.
It is fitting that this exhibition supports El Sueno Zapoteco, and their art and craft work shop where they teach young people from the villages how to use the natural materials  to create saleable art. Jim partnered with El Sueno Zapoteco who also exhibited, and donated 60% of sales to the foundation creating a very public bridge for support to this esteemed organization.
Over 70 people gathered in the remarkably perfect Sueno Del Mar storefront gallery to view the exhibit, and support El Sueno Zapoteco.The exhibit was also coupled with a Sueno del Mar open house, and a number of people toured the property.

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