Jugo and Licuado Recipes

1. For the Liver
Pineapple, celery and chayote.
Ideal for people with diabetes.

2. For blood pressure
Carrot, celery and beets.
Maintains normal blood pressure and nervous system

3. Low Blood Pressure
Carrot, Beet and Coconut
This juice has many minerals

Strawberry and mango
Excellent in vitamin E,C,  and beta carotene

5 .Antidiarrheal
Banana and apple. Rich in fiber improves intestinal transit

6.For the prostate
Carrots, asparagus and lettuce, ideal for the condition of the prostate

7.For vision
Carrot, mango and golden apple supports the immune system.

8. For the Bladder
Carrots, beets and cucumber, ideal for the condition of the bladder.

9.High Blood Pressure
Celery, carrots and tomatoes

10. For gastritis
Carrot, cabbage, beets and celery. Ideal for the treatment of ulcers of the stomach

11. For overweight
Grapefruit and lemon
Combine with fasting to combat overweight

12.  Diuretic and antioxidant
Strawberry, orange and papaya
It promotes the work of the digestive

13. For constipation
Pineapple, orange and papaya
It promotes the work of the digestive system

14. For the pancreas
Carrot, apple, lettuce and green beans and brussel sprouts

15.Auxiliary against varicose veins
Strawberry, grapefruit and honey. Helps purify the blood and improve circulation.

16. For diabetes
Carrot, cactus, green beans, and tomatoes.

17.For the heart
Carrot, celery, parsley and spinach, necessary for muscles, heart and blood vessels

18. For Uric acid.
Tangerine and pineapple. Promotes intestinal transit.


Orange, pineapple, wheat germ and vanilla yogurt, vitamin "C" strengthens our immune system.

2. Brain tonic
Orange, natural yoghurt, almonds, raisins, wheat germ and honey.

3.For high blood pressure.
Banana, nuts and light milk.

4. Mouth Infections
Raspberries, skim milk, orange and sugar substitute.

5. For joints
Light milk, chocolate syrup, cherries and light chocolate ice cream.

6. Against parasites
Guava, evaporated milk, ice and sugar substitute.