Friday, September 30, 2011


This is a brief post, unfortunately. There are two charter operators servicing Huatulco from Canada and the United States this coming season, to the very best of my knowledge.

Air Transat is NOT flying to Huatulco this season  – I phoned their service centre to confirm this change.
Sunwing is the only charter provider from Canada, offering both all inclusive packages and flight only tickets.
Their website is:

I spoke to the local rep for Apple Vacations, and this is what she told me:
“The Apple charter from Chicago starts on November 5th and runs through until August of 2012. It will be on Saturday evening arriving at 8:10pm with USA3000 airlines until December 3rd, then we start with a new airline and much better flying times, it will be with Frontier and arriving to HUX at 2:40pm.”
To book a flight or vacation with Apple Vacations, visit
If you can’t take advantage of either of these charter offerings, check my post on Huatulco Flights for various flights and connections through Mexico City(UPDATED SEPT.30/11)

 I just finished booking a return flight from Huatulco to Vancouver. Juggling 3 internet windows, I co-ordinated Interjet flights with US Airways and Alaska Airways, looking for shortest layovers and best fares.  I saved my itineraries for the MEX-YVR and return portions of the trip on Sunday night, and headed down to Interjet on Monday morning (their website still rejects my CAD credit card – this is an ongoing problem with Interjet, they only seem to like American Express – if you have had a different experience, let me know).IF YOU ARE BOOKING FROM THE US or CANADA, call U.S. phone # 1-866-285-9525 and ask for an English speaking agent - you can pay with your credit card over the phone. I should have done that, but because the ticket office is a minute down the road, I thought I would do it in person. Unfortunately,  the flight that was 999 pesos on Sunday night was over 1400 pesos on Monday morning. Apparently the special ended Sunday at midnight! The next online special might be next weekend, October 7-9, according to local staff, but they are making no promises.
Best connections to Vancouver price/layover times:
Interjet HUX (10.25) to Mexico City, US Airways from MEX to Vancouver, connecting in Phoenix, arriving YVR at 11.15 pm.
Alaska Airlines from Vancouver(6.30 pm) to MEX, connecting in Los Angeles, arriving MEX at 5.27 a.m (red eye), Interjet from MEX (8.50) to HUX (10.00).
Total cost: US Airways   223.47 CAD
                     Alaska           279.57 CAD
Interjet (return MEX/HUX)  223.94 CAD    (2915 pesos)
Total                                         726.98 CAD
The same trip Aeromexico was $950.00 US and at least one in transit overnight stay, depending on your stamina.

Pays to shop around.


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